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Scuba diving is an equipment intensive activity. Further, the gear is not just a tool (such as a golf club or a tennis racket), but also life support equipment. This raises a number of questions and this page is designed to give you some important information to help guide you in these decisions.

Should I buy my own equipment?

Owning your own equipment provides specific and very real benefits. Probably the most important factors are fit and comfort which lead directly to safety. It is simply not likely that you will develop a true comfort level in the water if you are wearing different gear each time you dive. Having your own equipment, tailored to your body and your needs will provide a greater comfort level which translates to you being a more comfortable and confident diver - and therefore a safer diver.

We think that is reason enough, but if you want additional reasons consider the convenience factor. Comfortable, confident divers who have their own gear at their disposal - who know that their gear is properly maintained and reliable - are more likely to dive more often and take advantage of their skills. They are simply more likely to dive and experience the adventure!

When is the best time to purchase my equipment? Should I wait until I have been diving a while, or purchase it right away - or even during my training?

We stongly believe that the sooner you purchase your own equipment the more you will enjoy yourself and the better, safer diver you will become. Having familiarity with your gear from the start helps you to become a confident and strong diver. Having your own gear for your training is even better because it provides you with the following benefits.

  • Your training is enhanced when you are using the gear that you will actually be diving with after you are finished with the training - thus increasing the value of your training. You have the opportunity to gain experience diving with equipment which has been selected specifically to meet your individual needs.
  • You get the added value of our staff's expertise in helping you to learn the ins and outs of your equipment during the training so you are not left on your own later to "figure it out" for yourself.
  • The ability to gain familiarity with your equipment while performing the necessary skills for your class provides added safety benefits to you - especially if you are a brand new diver.

If you are unsure what equipment is best suited to you, rest assured that our staff can help you to make an informed decision. You are not on your own. Our job is to make you a comfortable, confident, happy diver who will be with us for a long time. It is in our interest to determine your needs and to help to fill them. Only if you are comfortable with both our training and your equipment are we able to create the confident diver who will continue to dive with us for years to come!

Where should I purchase my gear and how do I know what I should choose?

We know that you will enjoy scuba diving and continue to dive only if you have the proper equipment to use when you are diving. It is critical that you get reliable advice from professionals who have your interests at heart when making your decisions on what gear to purchase.

What works for one diver may not work for another who has different goals in mind. We offer a wide variety of options and provide the expertise which comes from over 20 years of teaching scuba combined with a knowledge of the newest technologies. We are here to help you to determine what kind of diving you want to do, provide additional training if necessary or desired, and to determine what gear will best suit YOUR needs.

We also offer student discounts and special package pricing for students on high quality gear to suit your needs, so that you can be sure you are making a wise investment while simultaneously gaining the value of knowing that we are here to provide long term support and service as needed for your purchase.

When you make an investment in gear from Neptune's Realm Scuba Center, you are backed by OUR investment in YOU. Our students and customers are more to us than happy satisfied customers. We are not just looking at today, but are looking forward to years and years of dive experiences. You are our future friend and dive buddy, and we take that commitment seriously.

Stop in and let us help you to get comfortable!

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