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Our repair facility offers service on all major brands of scuba equipment. Don't be "left out to dry" without properly serviced gear when you are ready to go diving. Keeping your dive equipment in top working order is essential! Protect your investment and your safety by making sure your regs, tanks and computers are current.

Regulators (parts not included):

Annual Service 1st and 2nd stage $50
Annual Service Alternate Air 2nd stage $25
Annual Service Combo LPI & Alt. Air $35
Regulator Spec Check $20
Heavy Duty Service Labor $45 per hour

All regulators brought in for service are handled by our factory trained technician(s) and are tested prior to disassembly to benchmark their performance. Regulators are completely disassembled; metal parts first are placed in a heated regulator cleaning solution in an ultrasonic cleaner, after a fresh water rinse they are placed into a heated degreaser/soap solution. Rubber and plastic parts only undergo the degreaser/soap solution. All parts are rinsed and dried. The regulator is lastly reassembled using factory authorized parts and adjusted to factory specifications. Annual service prepares the regulator for nitrox use.

BC’s (parts not included):

BC and Inflator Service
(Includes 12 hour inflate test)

BC’s have the power inflator removed and are rinsed with a cleaning solution and then flushed with fresh water. The power inflator is disassembled and cleaned in the appropriate ultrasonic cleaner before being rinsed and reassembled. Performance of the power inflator is checked and the BC is left inflated for 12 hours to ensure air retention.


Visual Inspection Steel Tanks $15 (due every year)
Visual Inspection Aluminum Tanks
(Includes Eddy 3 Current test and printout)
$18 (due every year)
Hydrostatic Testing $35 (due every 5 years)
Tank Tumbling $15
Oxygen Cleaning $15
Doubles breakdown & reassembly $25

All tanks are inspected by technicians certified by PSI (Professional Scuba Inspectors) to PSI, OSHA and CGA standards. Certifications are renewed on a regular basis.

Valves (parts not included):

Service/Oxygen Cleaning $15
Doubles Manifold Service
and Oxygen Cleaning

Computers (parts not included):

Battery Change (in house)
(Includes pressure test)

Set up and Tuning of New Equipment (Set up and tuning of all equipment purchased from Neptune's Realm is ALWAYS FREE - Prices below are for equipment purchased elsewhere.)

Regulator System $35
BCD/Backplate & Harness $25
Tank (VIP and air fill) $24

Having your gear serviced regularly by certified and knowledgable service technicians is essential to your safety and to the long life of your equipment.

All too often divers do not think about their scuba equipment until they are ready to use it - and then it is too late to get it serviced before they need it. What's worse is the fact that there are a lot of people who seem to think that "manufacturers' recommendations" when it comes to annual or bi-annual service by a qualified technician are just mild "suggestions" and are not to be taken seriously. And, finally, there is a misconception that "since I didn't dive very much (or at all) last year, everything must be fine from the last time I had it serviced." NOTHING could be further than the truth!

This is your life support equipment. The way we think about the care, maintenance and service schedules should reflect not only the cost of the equipment, but the fact that our lives depend upon its working correctly when we need it.

It's a mistake to assume that if you haven't used your equipment it doesn't require service. In fact, most technicians agree that rarely used equipment needs regular service more than equipment that sees more frequent use. Regulators and BC's should be checked/serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, usually once a year. Servicing is not just an inspection or "tune-up". It entails disassembly, thorough cleaning of all parts, and replacement of some key parts which are necessary for the proper functioning of the regulator.

Scuba cylinders must undergo hydrostatic testing every 5 years, and must be visually inspected annually. They cannot be filled if either of these two inspections is out of date.

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